Compensation Intelligence Reimagined

Dealmaker™Accelerating the close

Dealmaker™ is a powerful compensation tool for everyone involved in negotiating job offers. Hiring managers, recruiters, start-up CEOs, HR and Finance can use Dealmaker™ to discover:

  • Today’s market value for any role.
  • Real-time market intelligence for closing job offers.
  • Competitive pay intelligence by company for the first time.

Dealmaker™ leverages AI and timely market signals to bring a detailed view of dynamic compensation markets into focus. Just like the stock market, Dealmaker™ reveals bids, asks and closing prices to better inform today's job offers. The app brings the deepest context to making compelling job offers by revealing candidates' compensation expectations.

Accelerate the close

Dealmaker™ accelerates the job offer negotiation process. Our sharp market reports help bring everyone onto the same page. One market, one source.

With a single click, invite colleagues or candidates to the app.

For the first time:

Predict compensation at any individual company in tech
Customize search by stage, location, number of employees, revenue and market space
Predict across both public and private companies
In a single compensation tool, predict any role from software engineer to CEO
Create comparative reports in less than two minutes for up to any four roles

Challenge the app

Don't take our word for it—put Dealmaker™ to the test. Run a search for your company's three most recent closed job offers and see how our numbers compare to your real-life deals. predicted them. Tell us what you find—we think you’ll be surprised. Dealmaker™ is currently running within 5.5% accuracy on average.

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